Periodontal treatment


All of our team members are very important to your success in reaching a healthy mouth, however, when it comes to prevention, our dental hygienist is the key player. She has the knowledge and skills to assist you in restoring your tissue to a healthier state and then maintaining or preventing any future disease. Wouldn’t we all love to never have gum disease? Yes, it is possible! Just ask us!

We believe caring for your gums and bone is just as important as any care or restorations done on your teeth. The gum and bones form the foundation of the mouth. Without a good foundation, we would have no reason to proceed with restoring the teeth. The foundation must be maintained. You play a big part in that maintenance on a daily basis when you brush and clean between your teeth. We will partner with you and teach you the best way to clean your teeth. We will see you regularly to check your effectiveness and assist you with the removal of any deposits you are unable to remove on your own. It takes both of us to make it work for a healthy future.

Depending on the status of health or disease that is discovered, the treatment can vary greatly from one person to another. All of the treatment modalities are customized for each patient in order to achieve the best outcome for that individual. There are times when a deeper cleaning is required along with adjunctive therapies to help heal the tissues. We have found that a one size fits all protocol rarely works well for everyone.


Researchers have found a direct link from the bacteria found in gingivitis and gum disease to the bacteria that are found in the heart which contribute to cardiovascular disease. We also now know there is a direct link between gum disease and diabetes. Charles Mayo said, “The mouth is a window to the body.” We believe your overall health is impacted greatly by the health of your mouth and oral structures.

If you are diagnosed with gum disease, it is very important to follow through with the treatment prescribed. The treatment may involve several visits and will include specific instructions for your home care. You may need to see the hygienist on a more frequent schedule until you can reach a healthier state.


Fine dentistry is an investment in your future! It can provide you with optimum function, beauty, longevity, or health. Keep in mind before you decide to invest in fine dentistry, you’ll want to make sure your gums and bone are healthy enough to provide the needed lasting foundation. Once you do invest in fine dentistry that will last for a lifetime, remember to take care of it by always visiting your dental hygienist on time.