Frequently asked questions
1.How safe are dental x-rays?
Everyone is exposed to radiation everyday. It comes from the sun, appliances in our homes and even from the plane rides we take for our vacations. Luckily, the amount of radiation from x-rays has greatly reduce over the years. At Modern Art of Dentistry we use digital x-rays. This allows the lowest amount of radiation while getting the best in x-ray quality. Our x-ray machines are also check annually for safety and to ensure the lowest dosage of radiation is being emitted. Your safety is our number one concern.
2.What are dental sealants?
Dental sealants are a great preventative tool. When you child is around the ages of 6 and 12 years old they will get their permanent molars. These teeth have deep grooves on the biting surface. The sealants material is placed into those groove to prevent food and bacterial from decay on the tooth surface. While dental sealants can last for years your child biting habit may cause them to wear away sooner. The dentist will check them at each visit to make sure they are still doing what they were intended to do. The doctor may also decide that they need to be redone to provide the best protection for you child.
3.Do you offer Botox or fillers?
Yes. You do offer Botox and Restylane in our office. These product are a great resource in achieving the smile you have always wanted. From smile lines to TMJ issue we have seen great results in our patients by adding these products to our practice.