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Welcome to our clinic!

First of all I would like to take few minute of your time to tell you a little bit about our office and what to expect if you choose to come and see us.


If it is your first visit we will ask you to fill out two forms. They will be medical history and personal information. For your convenience you can print those two forms from our website, and complete them prior to your appointment. After the forms are complete , you will be invite to see a doctor.

What will follow depends on the reason for your visit.  If you made an appointment because you are in pain the doctor, of course, will address your problem.

If you made an appointment for a consultation,  doctor will perform a complete examintaiaton reviewimg all radiographs and making any study models needed to develop a propoer treatemnt plan.

 The most important part of  the initial visit is that once the examination is completed you will discuss with the doctor the proposed treatment plan and you will be able to ask all the question that you may have.

I strongly believe that the treatment plan should be developed and chosen together with the doctor and the patient.  I think that it is only when the patient understands, agrees and supports the proposed treamtent, that it will be successful.  Doctor and patient should always work as a team, and ony if the team is good and strong will the treatment be a success.  

If it is time for your prophylactic dental cleaning, our hygienist will be able to do that treatment for you during your first visit. 

The most important thing that you should take with you after your first appointment is a clear picture of what needs to be done to return your mouth to optimal health and what options you have in achieving you goal.

If you have any questions after your visit, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail. whichever is more convenient for you. If you don't ask the question we will never know that you had it and may not be able to help you.

Good open communications is a vital part of our relationships.   

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Dr. Karina Lyon
Dr. Karina Lyon

Dear Friends,


Welcome to the Modern Art of Dentistry!


I am Dr. Karina Lyon and I’m glad you are taking the time to learn about what we do at Modern Art of Dentistry. I am grateful for each person who puts their trust in me to be their dentist. I see myself as much more than just your dentist. I believe dentistry impacts your health and your life and who wouldn’t agree our health is a very important part of life. I also know that a beautiful smile can change a life.

To me dentistry is more than just a medical field, it is an art form. Not all dentists are created alike and not all patients are alike. Each person comes to me as a unique individual with a unique smile and oral system. The way we speak, the way we chew, the way we interact with others both personally and professionally, and even romantic relationships are impacted by our smile.

We, at Modern Art of Dentistry, understand the importance of listening to you and finding out what is important to you. Any dental work we do will be from a plan created together with you in a partnership. Our relationship must be based on mutual trust. I desire to have long lasting relationships with the patients who put their trust in me to help them create the beautiful and functional smile they desire. It is my hope that all patients receive the best dentistry possible for them to achieve the level of health they desire and have an improved life.

I value integrity, honesty, excellent dentistry, and sincere care for all patients. You will be treated with dignity and respect at Modern Art of Dentistry. We are dedicated to merging health and beauty through cosmetic and preventive dentistry. Our goal is to prevent dental disease from occurring by seeking the cause of the disease and then to restore health in the least invasive way possible if disease has already occurred. We look at the whole person rather than just “fixing a tooth”.

No matter what level of dental condition you may find yourself, we will not judge you. It’s not your fault. There is always a reason or a cause and our goal is to help you discover that so as to prevent future problems.

If you would like to experience the level of care we offer at Modern Art of Dentistry for yourself, please call and schedule an appointment. We respect your time and will do our best to make the appointment convenient for you.


Yours for Better Health,

Dr. Karina Lyon

Dr. Karina Lyon, director of the clinic
chief doctor
Dr. Karina Lyon
director of the clinic
chief doctor
Sue, dental hygienist, treatment
plan coordinator
dental hygienist, treatment
plan coordinator
Dr. Izabela Dlugosz, associate dentist
Dr. Izabela Dlugosz
associate dentist
Alena, dental assistant
dental assistant
Carlos, administrative assistant
administrative assistant
Antonina, dental assistant
dental assistant
Dr Erin Heffez, Associate Dentist
Dr Erin Heffez
Associate Dentist
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